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Repeal the Act which will introduce Identity Cards

Comment 8th July 2010

Repeal the Act which will introduce Identity Cards.

Why does this matter?

Identity cards are and have been one of the major characteristics of authoritarian governments of both the left and right. They have been used to suppress both the freedom of movement and expression. Their existence challenges our individual liberty but also our democratic institutions. In our digital age the data that underpins the system could easily be used for suppression of individual freedom and could be linked to all the other databases that hold information about us. If we wish to exercise our free choice we can apply for a passport and use this as a  form of ID. We should re-establish one of the unique characteristics of our British identity which was that no organ of the state could routinely ask us as citizens to prove our identity and with the abolition of the stop and search legislation we are beginning to move back in the right direction.   

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