Repeal the Animal Welfare Act.

Repeal the Animal Welfare Act.

Why does this idea matter?

Someone (Raymond Elliot of Burton on Trent) has just been prosecuted and found guilty of animal cruelty for drowning a trapped squirrel. He was made to pay the RSPCA's prosecution costs of £1500 and now has a criminal record. Thousands of real crimes are committed each day against people and property and the criminal justice system is struggling to cope. The RSPCA is now preparing to prosecute many more people under this legislation, further clogging up the courts with utterly pointless trials with all the costs and bureaucracy involved. Grey squirrels are not indiginous, are vermin, and have taken our native squirrls to the brink of extinction. If trapped they are not allowed to be released – because they are vermin – but the RSPCA makes the frankly surreal and insane recommendation that people should take trapped animanls to the vet to be killed at a cost of around £30 each.    

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