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Repeal the anti union laws

Comment 5th July 2010

In order to truly foster freedom and equality in our country then I strongly feel that the current anti trade union laws, the most draconian in the Western World according to the International Labour Organisation should be repealed..

           Such a  repeal of these laws would both help to free workers from capitalist exploitation and foster greater income equality between workers and capital and thereby help to foster greater social cohesion and faster economic growth to boot!   

Why does this matter?

Such laws have played a major role in the explosion of inequality and debt over the last thirty years. Recently statistics have been released that shows over the last decade the salary of an average Company Chief Exec has increased by 400% whilst the average salary of workers over the same period only increased by 13%


        Workers need and deserve a larger slice of the economic cake — after all "we're all in it together"!!

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