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Repeal the Architects Act 1997

Comment 6th July 2010

Repeal the Architects Act 1997 as it serves purely to protect the title of "architect" and does nothing to guarantee the professional competence of architects to consumers, as anyone can provide architectural services, qualified or not, as long as they do not call themselves an "architect".

Why does this matter?

Licensing provision of competent building professionals would bring Britain in line with most other countries, for example, in Germany only architects may submit drawings for consents (except very minor projects).

It would establish a baseline for regulation of EU architects working in this country, as most European countries have strict requirements for architects' registration, whereas if you are willing to pay £2,500, you may register in the UK through the "distinguished achievements route".

The workload for local authorities dealing with inadequate planning and building control applications would be reduced.

Standards of design would be raised, without the need for ineffectual bodies such as Architecture and Design Scotland.

Lastly, it would be clear to the public which people are qualified architects, as most assume that, for example, a business called "John Smith Architecture" is run by an architect, but this is how non-registered persons avoid using the title "architect".

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