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Repeal the ban on using a mobile phone (etc.) while driving

1 Comment 24th July 2010

This is almost a duplicate of a similar suggestion but I feel a fresh start is required.

The current mobile phone ban law is another case of penalising the innocent for the failures of the few drivers that use mobile phones while driving dangerously.

There is legislation to cover the situation (Driving without due care and attention OR not being in full control of the vehicle) and hence it is unnecessary.

This ban is ignored as many feel they're capable of driving safely while using a phone – and it can be done.

There should be no penalties for doing it safely and high penalties (lifetime driving ban) for not doing it safely.

Why does this matter?

Breach of Civil Liberties – penalising one for others' misdemeanours – is unjust.

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One Response to Repeal the ban on using a mobile phone (etc.) while driving

  1. john says:

    excellent idea. The ban is ridiculous

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