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Repeal the “blanket” divorce-option.

Comment 1st July 2010

Instead of a "blanket" divorce-option, (on all marriages in the state), there should be a Choice of Civil Marriages – one with a divorce-option for those who want that, and one without any divorce-option for those who may want that! – {With Judicial Separation procedures (or it's equivalent in the UK – I'm writing from the Republic of Ireland) appling to both forms of marriage}.

Judicial Separation legislation (or it's equivalent in the UK) should do everything that divorce legislation does (except dissolve the marriage) before the Choice of Civil Marriages system is introduced, – and then simply give people a straight choice between a traditional, original, indissoluble-civil marriage; and the more modern, dissoluble-marriage alternative.

With the existing "blanket" divorce-option, all marriages in the state are dissoluble; – so by offering people a choice of civil marriages we would simply be giving citizens more choice – and in an area fundamental to a healthy society!

Why does this matter?

Marriage is the bedrock of any society, and if you can expand citizens choices in this most fundamental area of a functioning society, that surely can't be a bad thing – even if it's the choice to commit to one another in an irreversible way!

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