Repeal the Charities Act 1993

I previously suggested the repeal of the Charities Act 2006. However, subsequent to doing so, I was informed by a distingusihed charity lawyer that in order for the repeal to be effective in the way which is desirable, the Charities Act 1993 should also be repealed. I therefore call upon the Coalitoin Government to repeal both acts.

Why does this idea matter?

It is necessary to prevent the charitable sector of this country, which employs hundreds of thousands of people, from being controlled by an anti-democratic and non-accountable body. If the Charity Commission is not to be abolished altogether, with its regulatory functions transferred to Government departments which are answerable to Parliament, then the Charity Commission needs to be reformed drastically. Its Chairman should not earn more than the Prime Minister, for instance, and should be a non-partisan figure, not a close friend of prime ministers of a particular political party, which is wholly inappropriate. The Appeals Tribunal should be re-established as a more powerful entity capable of monitoring and regulating the regulators, who have at the present time perfected their techniques of avoiding scrutiny by the Tribunal. At the moment the regulators regulate themselves except in rare instances where the Tribunal is actually able to act. The scandalous abuses of process currently being perpetrated by the Charity Commission should be the subject of public hearings and a formal enquiry by the Public Administration Committee of the House of Commons, as soon as possible.

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