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Repeal the Child Support Act

Comment 14th July 2010

The Child Support Act 1991 (Amended 2008)  Is  an oppressive and draconian piece of legislation, and in direct contravention of The Human rights Act,  The European Convention on Human Rights and the Universal declaration of Human Rights.  The government has no business interfering in family life.  This legislation and the corrupt run for profit company that enforces it have ruined the lives of parents, children and families.   It has forced innocent, law abiding people into poverty, destitution and suicide.  It has created more problems than it has solved.  All the while Mr Steven Geraghty  sleeps tightly at night with his, deficit crunching, £250,000 + wages to keep him warm.

Families should be left to reach agreements without government interference.  If they cannot then it should be decided in a courtroom in an un-biased, fair and impartial way.

If the coalition wants to give back freedom.  This is a good starting point!

Why does this matter?

 It gives freedom back to the family to make their own decisions with out Government involvement.  This is our right!  Children should not be used as cover for a stealth tax.

Families with maintenance agreements will not be bullied, harrassed, driven into poverty and suicide. 

  Also if you repeal the legislation, you abolish the Agency.  CMEC is now a quango and an expensive one at that.  Another quango gone.  Another chunk out of the deficit.

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