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Repeal the “Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (UK) 1900”

Comment 1st August 2010

This Act was passed in the UK Parliament on 9th July 1900 and has not applied to any territory in the world since 1948! Yet, there are persons in Australia, and in the UK, claiming to act under its authority, to the detriment of large numbers of Australians.

If you are serious about repealing obsolete laws, this is one that you superiors will know about and should be investigated with a view to its removal. There are similar problems with Canada and to some extent New Zealand.  South Africa has fixed its problem with a people generated constitution.

While the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (UK) 1900 remains on your statue books, politicians, governments and bureaucrats will take the easy path and hide behind it. It is real smoke and mirrors stuff and you are part of it.

It is high time you fixed it from your end.

J Lamont

Why does this matter?

Continued use of a law that does not apply is an affront to natural justice and the whole concept of a parliament passing laws that are to mean something.

Your law is being abused and has been so for the past 50 years, and you have done nothing about it.

Times change and circumstances change with it. However, in this case there are those with self interest that seek to use a law that has no application as long as no one from your parliament, government , judiciary or bureaucracy says anything.

We are supposed to be an independent sovereign nation but our constitution is an act of your parliamernt and our head of state is your Queen. No Australian can ever be our Head of State! Your Queen (as there is no such person as the Queen of Australia) appoints a representative, all bet nominated by our Prime Minister, who inturn is sworn into office by this very representative! Both have a vested interest in not rocking the (shaky) boat.

Reason enough don't you think to pull the plug on this outdated law and let it wash down the drain of history?

J Lamont

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