Repeal the criminal justice bill laws relating to free parties & raves

Allocate by order areas of land through out the country where free parties festvals &raves can take place without the draconian criminal justice bill criminalising good organisers of these events,it will stop binge drinking culture ,local organisers can access these plots by applying to thier local council &working with them ,this also encourages true free enterprise with many opportunities for ordinary people to earn a living.Its not rocket science,true free enterprise can free people from benefit culture.

Why does this idea matter?

The fundamental principal of earning a living is everyone working together for the benefit of the whole community they live in.All organisations and aspects of society relate on one level or another .In relation to illicit drugs,most people who abuse them to thier own detriment have other underlying problems…. in the way they have been brought up or something horrible that has occured in thier life,this is not a problem for most people.It is very important to let individuals within the criteria of free parties & festivals to express themselves ,if this is not allowed you are opening a pandoras box of extremism in all respects of  negative factors within society of wich we are experiencing only the begining of now .Alot of youth and older people would feel alot more inclusive within our society.

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