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Repeal the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991

Comment 7th July 2010

i believe that any country that can kill an innocent animal really needs to take a good look at itself. we as humans do not judge others by the way we look, so why should we do this with dogs, it is wrong to kill something because of the size of it head, or the width of its shoulders. i do believe that the government needs a law where it can encourge responsible dog ownership, but i do not agree that certain breeds should be discriminated against. why is it that we hear "pitt bull types" attacking members of the public, but the media seems to over look attacks from other breeds. i do understand that because of bad ownership there needs to be a law to protect the general public, but this is not to be based on breeds. I also think that if a dog has been reported as dangerous that when it is siezed it should be assessed as soon as possible, leaving a dog to rot in kennels while waiting for a court date is unfair on the animal in question and its welfare. as a country that is willing to give murderers game consoles why can we not meet basic animal welfare.

Why does this matter?

 too many innocent dogs are dying because of irresponsible owership and lack of knowledge of breeds with the general public. no breed of dog is "more dangerous", its the owners that are dangerous. 

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