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Repeal the handgun ban

Comment 28th July 2010

This ridiculous law should be overturned to give law abiiding citzens the right to pursue and enjoy the previously popular sport of handgun target shooting under ISSF rules.

As most of our major cities seem to be awash with illegal handguns this law has not made one jot of a difference to handgun crime. At the time of the ban a campaign was run stating that " If handguns are outlawed then only outlaws will have handguns". How true this has become.

Our Olympic shooters are not allowed to train in their own country and must travel to Switzerland to train, at great cost. I also understand that not allowing people to pursue an Olympic sport in their own country is against the Oylmpic charter and as such the UK should not be allowed to host the 2012 games.

The government is spending over 4 million pounds of your money to build an Olympic shooting venue that will have no legacy – yes it will be pulled down after the event.

Its time to look at this law again and begin to give back the "Freedom" and civil liberties of law abiding Handgun shooters

Why does this matter?

Because the law abiding shooters who previously fulfilled all the Police requirements to hold a firearms license in order to pursue a perfectly respectable sport is being wrongfully penalised.

It should also not be forgotten that the government is also losing many millions of pounds in tax revenue – vat from this law and that a whole indusrty and all the associated jobs have been lost.

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