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Repeal the Human Rights Act

1 Comment 15th July 2010

Repeal the act because the UK can't extradite terrorists because this breaches their human rights ie they could get tortured back home. This puts the human rights of terrorists ahead of the human rights of the population who have the human right not to be blown up getting the tube or bus.

A lifer in prison also has the human right to get married in prison and have IVF treatment (right to a family under the act) – despite the fact  he's a murderer (hardly the best father) and in prison (can't be there for the child). This puts the human rights of a murderer ahead of his victim and society (forced to pay for IVF and benefits for the child who he clearly can't support). 

Their human rights are at the expense of ours. This is political correctness gone mad.

Why does this matter?

Human rights for all but we need to discriminate for our own protection. Applying the same human rights to everyone means that one person's right is at the expense of another's. We need to favour the law abiding majority. 

When a  murderer is locked up, he loses the right to liberty and we don't protest. So why should we allow him the right to a family when he's destroyed someone else's ?

Likewise with the terrorists – why should the taxpayer pay for and protect the people who want to kill them ? If the terrorist would be harmed back home, that's not our problem. He should have thought of that before deciding to plant a bomb . It may even deter some of them if they think they'd face a sentence in Saudi Arabia instead of Pentonville.

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One Response to Repeal the Human Rights Act

  1. d champion says:

    good idea repeal asap

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