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Repeal the Human Rights Act.

Comment 2nd July 2010

Repeal the Human Rights Act to bring sanity to our country. At the moment it costs the tax payers of this country dearly, the only individuals that  benefit are lawyers, criminals, terrorists, so called travellers, and the illegal immagrants, who are able appeal again & again against deportation.

Why does this matter?

We the general law abiding individuals, see no benefit to us what so ever. To restore faith in our Parliament & judiciary, and the ending of claims which are more than likely to be agreed, and that we as tax payers end up paying,

With a bit of guts, ignoring the lawyers (who gain) & dogooders, repeal this act which is being used not as it was meant to be. To say it can not be repealed is rubbish, if you want to repeal an act you can, especially if it is your idear. 

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