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Repeal the Hunting Act

Comment 2nd July 2010

During the foot and mouth we were living just south of the scottish borders in open countryside.We had many dear and valuable ornamental duck and a large number of rabbits in a extensive pen outside.

During this time it was not possible to get onto the ground to keep the vermin down, so we caught up our duck and put them into what we assumed was a secure pen with the rabbits, surrounded by electric fencing and other modern equipment designed to keep foxes out. 

However on the first night a vixen and her cubs managed to gain entry and killed everything mainly by just biting them in the neck and leaving them dying on the ground.  We managed to rescue just five animals and a small nest of baby rabbits that they had missed.  It was total decimation-killing for fun not for food as nothing was missing.

The duck were all pinioned and could not fly so it must have been a lot of fun for the vixen showing her cubs how to kill for there were chickens, duck and rabbits just lying around, some were still alive and screaming, but obviously too badly damaged to survive and we had to give them a merciful end – all this for the sake of an animal that is covered in fleas, lice and in many cases carries mange to our pets.  There is nothing cuddly about a fox, it is a wild animal and a killing machine with large teeth and no conscience at all as those two poor nine month old twins found out recently.

As landowners we should have the right to protect our animals and our children.  Those misguided people who try to treat them as pets and feed them will only encourage them to become bolder than ever and when people get fed up with them in the towns and cities, supposedly responsible animal charities catch them up, take them to the countryside and release them.  This is the cruellest act imagineable as suburban foxes are unable to hunt for themselves and will just sit around in a field or small area not knowing how to feed themselves.  They will either starve to death slowly or if they are lucky they will be near a local gamekeeper who will mercifully put them out of their misery.

Where is the sense in all this.  These wild scavengers should be controlled naturally, leaving only the fittest to survive thereby ensuring their breed's survival.  After all we are a natural predator at the top of the food chain and it is our duty to ensure that nature is kept under control and nurtured as we are a very important part of it.  This Act is irresponsible and badly thought out.

Why does this matter?

The towns and cities should not be able to dictate on rural issues as they do not understand how the countryside works and how it has been managed successfully for hundreds of years.  We in the countryside do not dictate to the towns and cities for this reason.  Due to this continual interference in our way of life we now have a divided country and it must stop before the rift is too wide to heal.

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