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Repeal the Hunting (Ban) Act

Comment 24th August 2010

The Act banning hunting originated out of gross prejudice, as several of the authors have subsequently admitted ("pay-back for the miners", "hate the toffs", "it's all about class" etc).

If hunting were the preserve of immigrants, say, Labour would have flocked to its defence.

This a law which has eroded the liberty of those who hunt, which a Government Inquiry confirmed had no purpose and which has seen several ordinary, law abiding citizens having to fight criminal charges (invariably successfully).

The police clearly have little interest in trying to enforce it as: it enjoys very little local support in areas primarily affected, the potential miscreants are the most law-abiding element in the locale and it is virtually impossible to enforce.

The Hunting Act should be among the first laws on any list for repeal.

Why does this matter?

Because it is a bad, prejudicial law.

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