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Repeal the Huting Act

Comment 6th July 2010

To repeal the hunting act as not only is a bad law is unworkableand unenforceable it is a waste of police time.

Why does this matter?

It is important to remove the bad law from the statute books as it is law that does not work. Nor does it save the life of a single fox thereofre on welfare grounds it is a complete waste of time.

It does not give the countryman the freedom to control a species that needs careful controlling and hunting is the most humane method of control for one simple reson. It never leaves a wounded animal. The pack of hounds either kill their fox almost instantaneously or it gets away free. This ensure s the survivla of th efitest.


Much has been bdebate on this matter, and what a waste of Parliamentary time spending 700 hours on the subject when far less was spent debating whehter to go to war or not an dignoring a great dela of the Burns report.

Finally the word Liberal I thought means freedom. Nobody is forced to go hunting. The issue should be left to the freedom of th eindivual and not to a bigotted party that brought in such an act as revenge and not for animal welfare reasons, fo rthese reasons and many more plese Rpeal the hunting Act .  

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