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Repeal the Late Licensing Laws

Comment 8th July 2010

Repeal the late licensing laws.  Many towns and cities suffer from increased drink fuelled antisocial behaviour now.


Here, York city centre is mayhem on Friday and Saturday nights in particular now.  Come midnight you are stepping over pools of urine and vomit, drunks hurling abuse at passers by, fights in the street and police vans screaming about.  York used to be a pleasant relaxing atmosphere on an evening but now it is horrible.  There are loads of late bars selling cheap alcohol and clubs which open to early hours acting as a hub for rowdy behaviour.

Why does this matter?

Getting rid of the late licensing and severly curb the activities of nightclubs will limit the period of drink fuelled antisocial behaviour to a modest period around closing time as opposed to all night. 


The extension of the licensing laws was an experiment which has failed.  Time to accept that it hasn't worked

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