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Repeal the Law for Aggravated Offences

Comment 14th July 2010

The idea that crimes motivated by racial or religious hatred should attract a differential sentencing premium of 40% to 70% should be scrapped.  Justice should be blind.  It is no business of the State to punish 'thought crimes' which is what these laws try to do.

If I murdered a Jew because I hated Jews (I don't actually), why should I be punished more severely than if I murdered a prostitute because I hate prostitutes (which, I hasten to add, I don't).

The State is creating favoured Client groups who will use there 'protected status' to obtain advatanges over unprotected groups.

Britain must become again a Free and Fair country.  Ban these divisive laws that seek to punish 'thought crimes'.

Why does this matter?

This development of the law is motivated by political correctness.  Why are only some groups 'protected'?

It is akin to the olden days when robbing a common man would result in a fine, but robbing a Baron wold result in execution.

The State is telling us that some groups are more equal than others.  We must restore blind justice where all men and women are equal before the law.

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