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Repeal the law which allows the Government to block The People’s access to selected ideas

Comment 15th July 2010

There seems to be no doubt that certain ideas are being blocked. Since 'Your Freedom' is a coalition government idea, it is reasonable to assume that only the Government can block ideas. It can only be, therefore, that it is the Government which is blocking access to certain ideas – I refer particularly to 'the enjoyment of tobacco' ideas.  The blocking of these ideas is heinous and undemocratic.

Why does this matter?

In the democracy that we call THE UNITED KINGDOM, and, specifically, England, freedom of speech requires the absence of interference. This is implied by the freedom of the press. But we must remember what exactly the phrase 'freedom of the press' means. In that phrase, THE PRESS means the printing presses, and not newspapers as such. It means the right to disseminate ideas.

the coalition government, having set up the Your Freedom site, must let it run which ever way it runs. Interference is NEITHER ACCEPTABLE NOR REASONABLE.

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