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Repeal the laws making prostitution unlawful

Comment 10th July 2010

Criminalising the oldest trade in the world has never removed it and never will.  By forcing it underground it instead puts prostitutes into dangerous situations and pits them against the police and authorities if encountering problems.  It is also a private matter and it is not the right of the state to judge how acceptable or moral it is and legislate accordingly.  There is a strong argument that outlawing prostition is a breach of the right to privacy.

Instead, a new system of licencing and regulation should be put into practice to ensure that prostites have regular health checks, that they can operate from safe but publically known venues, and that they pay their taxes.  Whether or not the Government approves there is a huge black market out there which could suddenly help to pay off this deficit much quicker through tax receipts.  It would also allow the police to concentrate on serious crime.

Why does this matter?

The views of the state are irrelevant – we have a right to privacy and to conduct ourselves how we see fit so long as we do not harm anybody or anything.  Laws forbidding prostitution have no place in a liberal, tollerant and free society.

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