Repeal the Local Government Act 1972 (and Amendments thereto)

This would allow the removal of the costly middle-tier of local government – the Boroufgs etc – and upgrading of the presently expensive, unaccountable (to the LGO) and effectively useless parishes to their former status as Urban & Rural District Councils.

Local autonomy – local responsibility – in the heart of communities.

See for example the ideas promulgated by Nigel Ward and his Free Whitby ethos:

Why does this idea matter?

At present, Whitby Town (Parish) Council is made up of 44% co-opted members. Many take part only to add 'Councillor' to their credentials for grant application purposes. The precept is almost a quarter of a million pounds per annum. Whitby has been neglected (maintenance-wise) and exploited (cash-cow-wise) for 36 years. Whitby has a summer population (March to October) of 60,000 – but a Council with no powers over traffic management, planning or regeneration.

This situation is reflected all over the country. Time for change – as David and Nick like say!

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