Repeal the Money Laundering legislation

These laws should be focussed on criminals.  As it is, all they seem to do is to give honest citizens and banks unnecessary aggravation.

Why does this idea matter?

Whenever we want to send our son in Japan or our grandchildren some of OUR OWN Money, we have to provide our local branch of NatWest two utility bills to prove where we live, together with our passports.  This is despite the fact that we have banked with NatWest for 51 years and are well known to outr local branch.  We have to fill in the mandatory form and sign this in a staff member's presence.   THEN we have to await a phone call THE FOLLOWING DAY by someone at the bank checking to see if we really do live at our address and really do want to send our own money to Japan.  All done very officiously and most reluctantly.

I cannot believe that all this is necessary or that it affects money laundering in any way at all!

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