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Repeal the Part time and SHort contract employment equality Laws

Comment 9th July 2010

The laws which force employers to give workers on serveal recurring short time contracts a full time position are not working. There are many loopholes and in tha academic environment universities are not allowing postdocs to submit grants or fellowships at the places of work in the communities in which they live incase it takes them over the employment threshold. This law is pointless as a University employer is only under obligation to give FT employment where a job exists and if one does not exist they can opt to make the candidate redundant; which is of course cheaper. The law does not work and is a hindrance to young scientists, not a help. Repeal it please!

Why does this matter?

Postdocs and other young scientists are loosing out on opportunities of employment in the University sectors because of this.

Universities should not be forced to employ someone who is at best at the beginning of their research careers and not yet proven their ability to be financially independent in the academic sector.

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