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1 Comment 1st August 2010

The proceeds of crime act ( poca ) was as i see it  origanley introduced to deal with drug dealers and fraudsters,as time has gone by this act has been abused by the authorities ,this act gives the courts the power to cease peoples assets and money on a pure   suspicion that these items were gained from an illegal act  without the court having to prove so. I always thought that the british justice system was about people being presumed innocent until proven guilty, this no longer seems to be the case , a drug dealer can get convicted and loose nothing because he knows how to use the system , a person can buy something innocently and  find out that the items are stolen and be convicted of movement of stolen goods and possibly loose thousands of pounds regardless of the value of the items purchased . This act also gives the courts the power to freeze peoples assetts without them even being charged with a criminal offence and refusing them legal aid to challenge this decision therefor leaving them unable to pay to challenge this decision, this to me is a gross breach of peoples human rights and not what the british justice system was designed for. My idea is to repeal this act and introduce a different act that is more just and fair on innocent people,an act that will punish the criminals it is designed to deal with without the chance of it being abused by the courts because they can't get the criminals it is designed for. 

Why does this matter?

My idea is important because this is an act that is widely abused and could effect every person in this country innocent or not , do we really want a country were the state can at will without any evidense take everything you have worked for all your life.

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  1. carrie genini says:

    the poca is a dracionan law, this needs to be changed!! the cps are bullying innocent people to get money out of them…

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