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Repeal the requirement for landlords to have energy rating certificates

Comment 17th August 2010

Energy rating certificates for housing are pointless.  Noone would change their view as to whether they would either buy or let a property on the basis of the score in the certificate.  It's bad enough that vendors of properties have to provide (and pay for) these useless pieces of paper, but it is truly absurd that landlords have to pay for them as well.  As if any tenant would ever take account of what it says in this report. 

Why does this matter?

It's ironic that a provision which is clothed in the excuse of being 'environmentally friendly' only generates pointless paper.  Apart from creating a source of income for middle-men and agents, the reports produce nothing and benefit noone.  And yet the failure to produce one is an offence.  They are just another layer of bureacracy that we can all do without and another example of the many ways in which trivial misdemeanours, conjoured out of thin air,  are criminalised unnecessarily.

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