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Repeal the RoHS regulations

Comment 8th July 2010

Repeal the Restriction of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and. Electronic Equipment Regulations 2006.

Why does this matter?

This ridiculous, unenforced, and unforceable regulation bans the use of lead in solder. This forces electronics manufacturers to make unreliable products, based on tin-silver solder, because tin-silver solder doesn't work as well.. (If this were not true, why do the military and aviation industries still use lead-based solder?)

This has the maximum impact on the poor who cannot afford to replace equipment when it fails prematurely

Tin-silver solder has a higher melting point, which means the the amount of energy required to manufacture a product (and thus the amount of carbon dioxide emitted) increases. It also makes failed equipment more difficult to repair.

There is no evidence to support the fact the lead leaches from landfill into the water supply any more that the vast amount of lead that is used on the country's roofs.



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