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Repeal the rushed anti-mephedrone legislation

Comment 1st July 2010

In early 2010 a media frenzy surrounding the use of a new legal high known as M-CAT (or "meow" in the tabloids) led to the criminalisation of the entire cathinone class of drugs.

This legislation was rushed through in a way that made a mockery of the very concept of due process, even before toxicology reports were available for the deaths that had caused the mass-media outcry.

These reports have now been made available and mephedrone has been completely exonerated. It is my proposal that this draconian legislation should now be reversed in light of the scientific evidence that is now available.

Why does this matter?

No matter what anybody's opinion may be on the legal classification of recreational drugs, mephedrone is a special case in which there is actually no scientific evidence available to support any indication of its harmfulness. 

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