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repeal the smoking ban

Comment 2nd August 2010

I believe that the main reason so many pubs and clubs have closed is the smoking ban and not the price of drinks. Thousands of smokers had their social lives ruined with the ban because for a smoker a drink without a cigarette is like an unsalted meal – bland and not worth the bother. I appreciate that some non-smokers find cigarette smoke unpleasant but a way can be found to keep all of us happy, Landlords could choose whether to run a smoking pub, a non-smoking pub or a pub which caters for both with designated areas for each. If this even-handed approach had been adopted from the outset we would not have seen so many people made miserable by taking away one of their main pleasures in life. Neither would there have been the closure of so many great traditional pubs which had been the mainstay of their local communities.

The type of smoker who has stayed away from the pubs since the ban is more often than not a hard-working taxpayer whose only vice is having a drink in one hand and a cigarette (or pipe or cigar) in the other – not a drug-raddled lunatic. We have lost so many of our beloved traditions in this country and I believe this ban is a step too close to a Big Brother society which hopefully no right-minded person wants.

Lastly, it has been a great relief to have the opportunity to voice the feelings of an ordinary person and believe it will be listened to. I think this sort of platform is a good way for the powers-that-be ascertain the feelings of the man-in the street.

Many thanks – and hopefully see you in the pub before very long!


Why does this matter?

It is important to give the people choice and not have unnecessary laws thrust upon them. Smoking may be harmful to the smoker but the statistics bandied about are wilfully misleading and used as scare tactics. I know an old lady of 97 years who had smoked heavily all her life. At her post-mortem a small tumour was found on her lung – and this was noted on her death certificate as the secondary cause of her death – and so she was another statistic of  a smoking-related death. I think some medics give absolutely no credibility to the common sense of their patients and think we will believe anything if it is served up in a pompous enough manner. I often wish when treated with this sort of "holier-than-thou" attitude to ask what their vices are. The answers (if true) could be very enlightening!

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