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repeal the smoking ban

Comment 25th August 2010

repeal the smoking ban, it is unnessesary as the health risk to non smokers is vastly over exagerated . the population are being lied to by the government.the truth of it all is is that its just become trendy and cool  to be an anti smoking loony, it also raises nonsense situations such as, people travelling on public transport  moaning about ciggarette smoke yet the transport they are carried in is more deadly via exhaust outlet  than smokers anyway

Why does this matter?

because before much longer a lot of our british heritage will be gone ,with nearly all pubs clubs and discos closed. the ones that survive will struggle . also any government that persists in this will suffer greatly during elections as labour just has . people will also be drawn to some of the less undesirable parties such as the bnp and ukip as both of these would repeal the smoking ban, the call is yours you have been warned.

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