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Repeal The Statute of Wales 1536

Comment 6th July 2010

The Act of Union or Statute of Wales was a device employed to annex Wales fully into the state of England following Wales`s conquest.  Unlike Ireland and Scotland the views of the Welsh were not  invited. Among other things, the Act outlawed the use of the Welsh language in official areas in a move which might have been called ethnic cleansing if it continued to the same degree today.

Wales is still enduring the effects of this unilateral legislation including for example the recent refusal by Kenneth Clarke to have trials in Wales conducted before bilingual juries.


Why does this matter?

The Act is a symbol of Wales` conquest and its unequal relationship with the other countries  of the United Kingdom as illustrated by the desirable lack of any representation for Wales on the Union Flag.  Repeal of the Act would be a symbolic measure which would go some way to make amends for the anti Welsh discrimination and prejudices endured over centuries such as the Treason of the Blue Books and the 1870 Education Act.

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