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Repeal the Summer Time Acts (1916, 1972, et al)

Comment 1st July 2010

Stop the practice of changing the country's clocks twice a year (from GMT to BST and back), by retaining GMT throughout the year.

Why does this matter?

This idea is important because the bi-annual clock change is a huge, un-necessary burden, not only to industry but to each individual in the country. 

Although it's hard to quantify, the cost of changing from GMT to BST and back each year certainly amounts to hundreds of millions of pounds per annum and it includes:

  • the time spent in changing each and every clock and watch in the UK
  • the cost of re-scheduling computers' overnight batch systems 
  • the cost of special timetables for transport systems
  • the impact on national defences
  • etc.

The benefits of changing the clocks are hard to identify! 


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