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Repeal the WAR CRIMES ACT 1991

Comment 12th July 2010

Introduced to allow the prosecution of Nazi War Criminals believed to be living in Britain, resulted in one conviction after the expenditure of millions of pounds in Parliamentary, Court and Police time.

Why does this matter?

I do not disagree with trying to bring these people to justice, but I believe this was the wrong way of doing it. The Act is retroactive, which is one of the most dangerous aspects of any legislation, ie, to make illegal under your system something which was not an offence under your system when committed.

It makes illegal in Britain offences that were not committed in Britain – a fundamental breach of our Rule of Law.

It is a case of our Law being altered for specific cases – in theory a similar law could have been passed to give up Salman Rushdie to the Iranians for execution.

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