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Repealing & Changing Laws

Comment 6th July 2010

Change:2002 Proceeds of Crime Act, so that it is only dedicated to what it was meant for :- Drug Dealers, Organized Crime and V.A.T. scams not for anything else".

Change: 2006 Fraud Act – Too many Grey Areas tht allow Criminal Prosecutions in regard to Commercial Transactions, that should be Civil Matters.

Repeal: 2003 Extradition Treaty with the U.S.A., as already promised by both CONSERVATIVES and LIB/DEMS, prior to the ELECTION.  This was meant for Terrorist Activities only and should not be used for anything else.  As this was an ELECTION pledge what is taking so long ?

Why does this matter?

All these above Laws have in some way affected my family at some time in one way and another.   I have been a Conservstive Voter all my life and also all my Family have and I look to this Coalition Government to carry out the Laws as they were meant to be carried out and also keep their Election promises.

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