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Replace all benifits with one standard payment – everyone eligible

Comment 20th July 2010

Scrap all current benifits and replace them with one standard benifit everyone is entitled to.


You could sack thousands of people responsible for means testing claimants, saving millions.


You'd get the money back in tax, combine this with a simplified tax system and the savings on delivering this means alot more money to the claimants.


This would negate the agruments people use about being better off not working. Inorder to ensure claimants don't just sit on the dole though you could start a national work program, anyone who does not contribute sufficiently in income tax will have their benifit cancled, or will be given a job by the local council unpaid in order to remain on benifits. these jobs would be litter picking, cleaning bus stops, and general office work.


That way people have a carrot to get them working since they won't lose their benifits, and the stick of being out on their ear if they don't contribute.

Why does this matter?

To make a more productive country.

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