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Replace food-tech with nutrition lessons.

Comment 22nd August 2010

I struggle to think of anything meaningful that learnt in my food-tech lessons. I was taught how to make scones, biscuits and cakes. I was taught that putting sugar in my bolognaise sauce would make the tomatoes sweeter. I was even taught the purpose of putting butter in your sandwich- the textbook answer being that it 'provides a waterproof barrier between bread & salad (this supposedly being valuable information).

Has any of this played a valuable contribution to my academic learning? No. Has my ability to make scones made me a better person or enriched my daily life? Of course not.

I propose that food tech should be completely scrapped, instead being replaced with nutrition lessons which educate children on the science of food. Teach them about blood sugar, food groups, what part vitamins and minerals play in each aspect of the body, how calories work, salt and water retention, hydration, metabolism etc.

Why does this matter?

Its undeniable that a large proportion of the population is overweight, even obese. These numbers are rising and children are being affected. The main culprit in obesity is lack of education. Nobody wants to be overweight/obese, many will follow fad diet after fad diet and will fail over and over because they don't understand food and how it works.

If people understood the science of food, if they are given knowledge of the processes that happen after they swallow what they eat, I guarantee there would be a vast decline in obesity and therefore, strain on the NHS.

Change the future generations from ignorant 'chips off the old block' into well informed individuals. Give them the tools to make the right choices and in turn, make our country a fitter, richer nation.

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