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Replace ‘Human Rights Act’ with ‘Law-Abiding Citizens Act’

Comment 1st July 2010

The current system of the Human Rights Act is being exploited by criminals for their own benefit.

Whilst I believe in fundamental human rights, there also needs to be consideration given to the circumstances regarding someone using the Human Rights Act.

I think there needs to be independent panels/select committees, made up of people with good standing in the community, to decide on individual cases where someone has used the Human Rights Act in their situation. Much in the same way a jury operates during a trial.

Why does this matter?

We need to ensure humans are treated fairly, but only if they are deserving.

People do things, good and bad, and we need intelligent individuals to look at their circumstances and really understand the whole situation.

If somebody is treated unfairly in life, then there need to be provisions to protect that person's liberties and fundamental freedoms.

If, however, somebody has committed a crime in the eyes of the law and are just using the Human Rights Act to make their life easier, then that needs to be stopped.

We need people with common sense, who can look at a situation, and say for example, "Well, that person committed a crime worthy of a custodial sentence. Now they are using the Human Rights Act to say their conditions in prison are unreasonable. If they hadn't committed the crime, they wouldn't be in prison, and we wouldn't be discussing this situation now."

People who live by the letter of the law, whose actions do not harm the freedoms and liberties of other humans, are the ones who should be protected.

The line needs to be drawn, and it needs to be drawn between Law-Abiding Citizens and People who commit criminal acts.

People who have done no wrong, should never have to live in fear of feeling persecuted.

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