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Reporting Road Offences and Bad Driving

Comment 18th July 2010

There should be a web site to report bad drivers, such as:-

Overtaking on bends, Overtaking in blind spots and dips, Blocking lanes to stop proper use of filter lanes, driving too slowly and encouraging accidents / excessive fuel consumption. Tractors driven on main routes during the rush hour. Heavy goods vehicles unable to negotiate hills at a respectable speed.

The system should permit the logging of registration numbers, this should be an open web site so that the vehicles can be viewed. Multiple repeat violations of the same offence by different people should then be investigated and an automatic fine imposed on drivers. At the same time if the vehicle is commercial a fine should also be placed on the company. Should the nature of the offence relate to the conditions and ability of the vehicle to negotiate the road, then weight restriction on the vehicle or route should be applied., 

Why does this matter?

To ensure that it is the public who can reduce the amount of bad driving directly themselves. This will target the repeat offenders and ensure that unsuitable commercial vehicles are removed from the road. 

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