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Repossession – “a convenient Debt Collection Mechanism”

Comment 4th August 2010

How many have heard this definition and excuse over recent years?  Is a spouse really legally responsible for debts incurred by a spouse/partner?  If so, is this reasonable and under what law?

In the interest of justice, fairness, human rights and basic human decency in a civilised society, please repeal whatever law exists and stop any legal practice currently used in the, so called, Civil Courts to oust innocent spouses from their homes, regardless of circumstances, with the excuse that repossession is a "convenient debt collection mechanism" and otherwise the debtor spouse would "hide" behind the other.  To ensure justice is carried out rather than mere convenience, juries may need to be introduced in Civil Courts to raise the bar of proof (now woefully inadequate) to match what appears to be  higher standards in Criminal Courts.  The case management conferences could be stopped to save costs.

Lawmaking MPs have demonstrated that they can't get enough "homes" for themselves but appear to consider the homes of the rest of the population expendable and of little consequence.

Why does this matter?

The current practice favours those who can afford clever lawyers and is a recipe for irresponsible behaviour, an unstable society and broken families.

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