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Repression breeds irresponsibility and worse

Comment 12th July 2010

Having lived in the UK for all my 57 years, it seems evident that the laws restricting personal behaviour DON'T WORK!  Never mind whether you agree with their intent, they DON'T WORK!  All they do is provide business for criminals, criminalise ordinary citizens and leave a trail of mayhem.  What am I talking about?  The deranged prohibitions on prostitution and 'drugs', of course.  Why don't we have a bit of faith in our collective maturity, and see whether, maybe, just maybe, less harm might arise by legalisation than currently arises through illegality? 

Why does this matter?

There are no perfect solutions in regulating behaviour.  If motor vehicles were invented today, they would most likley be banned on health and safety grounds.  But without motor vehicles our lives would be much restricted.  There are no perfect solutions.  Cost-benefit and utilitarian approaches, combined wiith a concern for personal liberty, seem to me the only moral and coherent ways to frame laws.  The current laws on prostitution and 'drugs' could hardly do more harm than if that were their intention.  Who knows, if we give ourselves a bit more liberty, we might even, just maybe, find ourselves living in a more, not less, congenial society.

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