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Republic of England

Comment 2nd July 2010

I’m afraid this isn’t actually “law” and as such I can soon see this post deleted.

This site is a fantastic idea, and is surely a start to something grander in terms of civil liberties, or at least I like to think so.

My problem is that we all live under the “crown”. Even signing up to this site and reading the privacy agreement it was concerning the crown.

How can you seriously put up a website for civil liberties where we live under an ultimate head of state that is not elected by the people, for the people and with the people. I’m talking about monarchy.

To me it’s madness that anyone in this modern, free thinking world lives under an autocratic head of state. By all means tell me I’m wrong.

Something else that bothers me is that military leaders, celebrities and rich business men are all that seem to be knighted. What about others who do just as much work in their own way to keep this country going?


Well, what else… as a head of state and therefore the ultimate representative of the people living within this country is an insult. How many people do little real work, avoid most of their tax, have people bow to them, cover their own families mistakes and criminal proceedings along with receiving excessively healthy payments from the hardworking people of this country?

I mean come on people. Why must I swear an oath of allegiance to the crown if I want to get a job that is remotely connected the military, police or such. Hell I even remember having to swear an oath to her maj when joing cub/scouts. Madness!

The meddling! It happens far more often than you or I think.

Then I hear about the two charming princes who have set up their own charities in foreign countries for orphans with aids and such. All very nice and positive PR, but what about charities here? That’s our money going overseas, you should be given the choice as to where it’s spent, not them!

Look I’m sorry if this is ranty, I could go on for hours why our democratic system remains broken whilst such a thing as royalty is in place but I feel very deeply about this.

Actually I would go as far as saying the only people who experience true liberty in this country are those high up in government and of course, the Windsors.

Have a nice day 🙂

Why does this matter?

Why would it be a good idea absolve ourselves of royalty? Well I’ll try and give a few hints.

True democratic representation. Our government is no longer owned by the monarchy but instead is owned by us, the people.

Removal of the class system

Tennis players wouldn’t have to worry about bowing to rich, pampered old ladies.

I could stop hearing about Windsors every time I happen to  view the news.

That hefty bill for civil payments could go toward far more useful things such as schools or indeed anything else… What we the people vote for.

Palaces, homes and such owned or “looked after” by royals could be turned over to far more useful things. Tourist attractions, hospitals, care homes. Orphanages. Look I could write out this list all day.

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