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Require Banks to retain the use of Cheques

Comment 23rd July 2010

While this Government is working on Banking reform, please may we have an assurance that the use of cheques fo payment will not after all be abolished.

Why does this matter?

We are now living in the 'digital society'. However, many elderly or rural citizens are not equipped acto conduct their banking and other transactions electronically or even by phone. If you are compromised by the habits of increasing age, or by disability, deafness, lack of internet access, or any other impairment, you may only be able to settle your important regular accounts with a written and signed cheque.

Removing this vital facility will make life impossible for the many people who remain digitally disadvantaged.

It will also create insoluble problems for the thousands of people who need to pop a cheque in the post to pay for a meal or a meeting or a night or two away from home, when the recipient is a friend, a club member, a private seller or a very small business not set up to take payment by credit card or by any other electronic means. What are all these people to do?

Can you imagine the winner of the lottery or the football pools, or a successful charity fund-raiser, being photographed beaming beside an inexpressive 3"x2" piece of plastic???

I rest my case!

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