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Reserved Occupations and the Unemployed

Comment 2nd July 2010

There are many jobs undertaken in the community that require a limited amount of skill and training. These jobs could be carried out on a temporary basis by the unemployed who would then earn their unemployment benefit and a temporary work premium. Typical of the type of job would be a postman or sorting office clerk, refuse collector, road sweeper. Alternatively in areas of high unemployment the government could open factories for the production of solar panels which would be manned by the temporary unemployed. Solar panels would be sold at a subsidised price to consumers to help reduce our power consumption and cut down on green house gases.

These jobs would be designated as "Reserved Occupations" and would mainly be filled by unemployed people. The business involved would pay the unemployment benefit and the government the temporary work premium. This situation would last until the person concerned found  full time employment.

Why does this matter?

Unemployment costs are a significant burden on the taxpayer. Apart from the serious financial implications for the unemployed, there is also an adverse affect on confidence and self esteem. In some cases, what starts out as a temporary problem can become a way of life and lead onto other social problems for the community. Having "Reserved Occupations" for the unemployed would benefit the exchequer, the business involved and the unemployed. 

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