1. I'm sorry if an alternative view is not what the majority wish to hear. But, I think that while there are people who may appear to be one thing, such as a primary school teacher, and we find they are actually involved in terrorist activities, I believe such people have forfeited their 'Human Rights'.  If some people believe Councils are abusing serveillance systems and believe them 'not qualified' – then perhaps steps should be taken to ensure they are qualified and are used in a more circumspect manner.  Though with the cost to every home in the form of Council Taxes for abuse of rubbish dumping (There are reat gardens of homes that are awaiting occupants that are used as rubbish dumps that take hours and several workers to clear) as an example, I can only assume those objecting perhaps would like to enjoy making our taxes higher (Perhaps they are not payers of these taxes) while not caring about the state of our streets, vandalised lamp posts cost quite a bit to replace on their own (I believe those who do the damage should pay the cost of their 'fun' while indulging in such crass behaviour). 

2. I also believe that surveillance in its form of prevention, I wonder how many children could have been found, or saved from attacks, if steps of intervention could have been made sooner?  I wonder if we dropped the brand 'Nanny State' if a child such as Madelaine McCann may have been found. 

3. Some of these steps are constructive, if there is a persistent problem from the publics' point of view, then may be a proper arbitration system could be put in place that is clear and 'transparent' for us all.

Why does this idea matter?

My idea is important because I feel many lack the decency and will to act as a cohesive society, where we may assist each other, value each other, and be proud of ourselves and others who act in a responsible, caring manner.

Giving people pride, by being proud of them at every level from Child to Senior Citizen, will greatly improve our societies responsess to others problems and difficulties.

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