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restoration of the right to gather in public in numbers greater than the Public Order Act allows

Comment 2nd July 2010

The Public Order Act allows the police to break-up and or commit arrest on members of a gathering of three or more,this is an infringement of the right to free association as well as the right to peaceful protest.There were/are existing laws which allowed the police to ensure public order and yet allow the peaceful and legal gathering of significant numbers of people.

Why does this matter?

This idea/suggestion is,I think,important because the repeal of this section of the Public Order Act would return us to the concept of the soveriegnity of the people.We,the people,are truly the initial and final arbiters of our way of life,the distinctly British ideals of fair-play,a voice for all and true,living democracy,as opposed to laws enacted by representatives on our behalf which have had no consultation,no national debate,but which are often seen to be legislators reactions to red-top,banner headlines in the areas of paper-media which are owned by those who prefer their vested interests to prevail over the national interest.The other way in which I think this is important is because the laws we have today will affect future generations in as-yet unseen ways,we cannot afford to restrict essential freedoms for succeeding generations,not only will they then need to repeal them,but,before they do there may have been problems directly incurred by iniquitous laws as represented by this exceedingly ill-thought-out piece of legislation.

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