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Restore Common Sense

Comment 5th July 2010

This nation has become obsessed with rules and regulations regarding Health and Safety.  Whilst Health and Safety is paramount to everyone, people's ability to use their own judgment and common sense has been taken away from them.  The ability to use common sense must surely be a civil liberty.

For example, my husband recently took my daughter to a Surestart centre organised event at which her photo was being taken for a Father's Day event.  When he asked a member of Surestart staff to help him brush my daughter's hair and put it in a ponytail for the photoshoot, he was told "I can't brush her hair -it's health and safety'".  What an absolute joke.

Can we not do something – anything – to restore people's ability to use their own judgement and common sense in everyday situations?

Why does this matter?

Because we are in danger of Health and Safety becoming a joke and people will not take it seriously.  Most people are responsible adults and are capable of making common sense decisions and judgements.  

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