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Restore Freedoms

Comment 1st July 2010

No ID Cards and associated Database.

No RIPA powers for any Local Councils or Govt bodies  under any circumstances,  apart from the Police.

No APNR of innocent people.

No. DNA Database of innocent people.

No CCTV unless it has proven to lower crime in a certain  area.

No Speeding Cameras unless they are proven to have lowered accidents in a certain area,,

No recording of people's phoncalls, text messages, website visits and emails, other than for targetted individuals suspected of serious crime.  And witth a warrant needed from a magistrate.

No Nanny State –  let people decide how to manage their lives , not the state.

No  automatic recording of peoples journeys in and out of the UK unless suspected of a serious crime. And with a warrant needed from a magistrate.

No Control Orders.

No 28 Days Detention without Charge –  lower it to 5-7 days.

No Stop and Search without good reason.

Make the UK a country where Freedoms and Civil Liberties are of paramount importance and the State minds it own business and stays out of our lives !



Why does this matter?

Because Civil Liberties, Privacy and Personal Fredoms are under attack form all sides by the State in this country.  Our Freedoms are sacrosant – give them back to us please.

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