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restore pedestrians rights

1 Comment 4th August 2010

pedestrians rights have been eroded following government and local government policies to encourage cycling.  the current laws in place that cyclists are expected to follow should be enforced, and pedestrians should be given rights and the ability to be able to identify cyclists and ensure they are swiftly proesecuted.

Why does this matter?

Over the last few years policy by government and local government to encourage cycling, via various incentives has been a failure.  it has broken good-practice on policy making:  the policy is not equitable, it has had many consequences, and its implementation poorly managed.  this has had a detrimental effect on pedestrians.  Cyclists – especially in urban centres – routinely break the law:  cycling across red lights, cycling on pavements, cycling the wrong way along one way streets, amongst other things.  all of which are illegal.  but cyclists are unaccountable for their actions;  rarely if ever prosecuted or even cautioned.  its a policy which is now out of control and has had a negative impact on the rights of pedestrians.  it is time this policy was managed and pedestrians were able to walk safely and not subject to the anti-social and criminal behaviour of cyclists.

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One Response to restore pedestrians rights

  1. Jane Rimmer says:

    Good idea. We share our pavement with cyclists and it is never possible to walk two abreast and have a conversation without being shouted at by cyclists. They come past very close doing at least 30mph and it would be marvellous to be able to walk in peace and safety once more.

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