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Restore the BSF Funding.

Comment 20th July 2010

The scrapping of BSF is an ill thought out policy. Apart from the money lost by local authorities £163, 000,000 the government is now in the process of forming a two tier education system. The have's which are the Academies. The 'have not' the remainder of the schools which will not receive funding. Yes the scheme might be flawed in the consultation process with money wasted on fees. This could have been rectified with correct project management.  I submit the government should look again at an alternative schools re-building scheme to avoid the thousands of children who will have to put up with sub-standard facilities and buildings in the21st century.

Why does this matter?

Majority of school buildings are not fit for purpose for the 21st Centruy. All pupils and staff should have a good working environment for teaching and learning.

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