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Restore the polices power to act on antisocial noise

Comment 5th July 2010

I was shocked this weekend to find that the police would do nothing about anti social noise.

I live close to the bank of the River Avon in Tewkesbury. On the other side of the bank there is a large white house. On Friday night they hosted a disco that went on until the early hours of Saturday morning. The music and PA system where so loud, that I could here it in my house at a level equal to normal conversation preventing my family from sleeping. As it was a very hot summer night only I had my windows open, even when I shut the windows the noise was to great to sleep and the heat was even more uncomfortable.

I did not do anything as I thought it might be a one off, and everyone is a loud a party now and again.

Unfortunately on the Saturday night, the same resident had yet another disco this time even louder.

I decided to call the police on there NON emergency number. I was told noise was not a police matter but was a council mater and to call them on Monday. If I wanted the noise to stop I would have to go and deal with the noise myself. I am not sure, but one person turning up at an event where people have been drinking could potently be very dangerous plus who would look after my 18 month old daughter while I was out. Surely a uniformed police officer should be doing this?

I can help think this is ridiculous.

If I walked down a high street making noise I would be arrested for anti social behaviour, so why is it okay for a private land owner to act antisocially? Could you please have a member of your team look into why the police will not tackle antisocial noise?

Why does this matter?

To battle antisocial behaviour

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